Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Trout Fishing.

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Just another weekend for single lady like me. Each weekend I try to do different things, like hiking, tramping, fishing, coffee with the local, cuci mata and so on.

For this entry I choose one of my weekend avtivity  to be part of the story in my blog. All the pictures that you will see here was taken in the beginning of summer.

We went fishing at Selwyn Lower Hutt, not far from Lincoln University. Kat KL dulu mana ada fishing2 ni. Sungai Klang ada orang fishing ka? Kalau fishing dapat lah bangkai je kot. Kat sini I started to learn about fishing from the mat saleh. That's the advantage when I don't live among the Malay community here.

The tranquility of this place make your mind free from other things.

I was told that we can get trout fish here. I've seen trout before but never try them. Bring something if you go for fishing like books, magazines or your smart phone with full battery on to play games or selfie; you will get bore after waiting hour an hour but you catch nothing. Fishing is all about patience and passion. 

My reading material that I brought with me.

At every pier there are small cages placed in the water with the rope tied to the pier. These cages are used to trap coco-bully (not sure what is the right spelling) to use for a fish bait. From time to time we check the cages for more coco-bully. But sometimes we can found eels trap in the cages. Ewww geli siak, I mean dia punya bentuk panjang and licin like snake tu buat orang geli. 

Was checking for the coco-bully but found this guy.

Before I came here I got zero knowledge about fish. When this mat saleh started asking me about fish in tropical country, I started my google engine search. Malu doh banyak tak tau about our fish, tau makan je. and to be honest tak pernah potong ikan and masak ikan. Sekarang dah pandai sikit.

Trout fish ni in Malay I don't know. I guess we still call them trout coz we don't have them in Malaysia. This guy only live in cold fresh water and they have 2 types, rainbow & trout. Some mat saleh said they have relation with the Salmon. But taste is very different from Salmon. Talking about Salmon, later I want to get Salmon sushi for lunch.

The mat saleh Shane gave me this guy to pose with.

Like I said before, for many times I went fishing (not really many maybe about 10 times now), I never caught any. But my best buddy Shane always caught something. So he kesian me bringing nothing to home he gave me the trout that he caught. As usual, as an asian we must pose first coz it's very important you know to post it in face book. No, I'm not the crazy asian who like to selfie and pose and pose. Dah tua.

Sangat mencabar lah to do this ayoooo.

Another thing this mat saleh after they caught the trout they hanged the fish to dry for overnight then only they cook the fish. Nak potong punyalah susah coz the skin was quite hard and you need to have a sharp knives or fillet knives. 

Usually this fish ends up as a fish & chips. Tu je yang paling senang. No effort to look into internet for other recipe at that time.

Hasil my fish & chips no picture coz very ugly.

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