Sunday, March 1, 2015

Malaysia Airlines is on SALE!!!

Hello from down under,

Around this time of the year I usually start planning a trip back home. Most of the night I spend time browsing the internet for plane ticket that can offer me cheap price for sure. At the same time I have to plan my budget. 

Like always, I will wait for next week pay. When the next week pay already in, wait for another next week pay to purchase the ticket. Wait till the next week pay will continue until I am really satisfied with the budget. Oh, by the way I am so lucky to be here in down under because the pay day is EVERY WEEK!!!.

My first choice is of course the budget airlines; Jetstar and with the connecting flight Air Asia. But the connecting time is terrible. Longggg hours. I had waited 12 hours for my connecting flight last year at Melbourne airport, and my 6th time at Melbourne airport.
The combination cost for both airline with return tickets is approx $870 (RM2,380). In comparison with other airlines this is the cheapest rate. Emirates - $1600 return, MAS (at that time) - $2,200 return, Singapore Airline - $2,200 return.

Sometimes, somewhere and awhile ago I saw an ad about Malaysia Airlines ticket sales. Before I went to their website I did not have a big hope to see the price will be awesome. 

To my surprise, OMG. Murahnyerrr. Tak pernah murah macam ni. A lot cheaper than before. Approx $1000 less than their price ticket before. 

Kalau dulu eksyen MAS ni. Ada promotion pon ciput je less. The total after tax is $1,073 (RM2,936) for direct flight Auckland - Kuala Lumpur. 
Then I thought this sale will probably go for a couple of weeks only. Now 2 months gone and the sale still on. Even Qantas Christchurch - KL fare sale also already end just in 2 weeks. 

Haiyaaaa,,, aunty manyak syokk la.


Vin said...

I wish I could just get up and go :(

Azraiin Md said...

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Pink Diary ada info tak b'kaitan bnd2 mcm ni.
Kalau tak keberatan, e-mail je apa2 info yg ada utk sy.

Thank you very much.