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Christchurch to Kuala Lumpur by Qantas Airlines.

Winter is over. There was a stillness but I had five wonderful weeks away from the long quiet winter from the down under.

Like most of other years I will visit my family in Malaysia and at the same time I will let myself lost somewhere that I can find my own definition of freedom.

This winter break was slightly different form the previous winter season. Since that I was working so hard to save money, I decided it's time to reward myself with something a little bit different. Usually budget airline was my first choice to fly home but I came across Qantas Airlines low fare from Christchurch to Kuala Lumpur one way ticket fare for $NZD 525.00 with 2 stops over.

Picture from Flight Travels. If you love aviation, check out his cool vedio in youtube.
Traveling with budget airlines could be hectic with the long hours flight change. With the extra budget I have this year, I decided to go for full service airlines. It's not a huge different in the fare. Full service airlines allow 30kg baggage, PTV and meals serve on board means that you will not go hungry at 36,000 feet. My experience flying with budget airlines you will feel hungry at some stage because you have to pre-purchased the food. The food can be purchased on board as well. The difference in the meals serve is in full service airlines you get a complete set of meals plus coffee or tea after the main meals.
Flight scheduled at 6.45am, the waiting area were really quiet at 5.30am.

The flight change doesn't take long. Stop over in Sydney only took two hours and stop over in Singapore supposed to take up to 3 hours but the flight from Sydney to Singapore was delayed almost 40 minutes.

Christchurch - Sydney

From Christchurch to Sydney I flew with Qantas Boeing 737-800 Next Generation fitted with Boeing's slick Sky Interior. Qantas refurbished its fleet of Boeing 737-800 aircraft with a great level of comfort and enhanced in-flight entertainment options. If you flown with conventional aircraft, you will notice a dramatic difference.
Photo taken by me at Terminal 1, Kingford Smith International Airport, Sydney. Qantas Boeing 737-800 Next Generation.
Here are some photos that I took from Australian Business Traveller website. This photos was taken from a review made by David Flynn. Some photos are snapped by me but not much because I'm quite a shy person to be seen holding a camera all the time especially in a small space like inside the plane.

Photo from Australian Business Traveller. The entry area are spacious, brighter and more open.

Photo from Australian Business Traveller.

The overhead baggage compartment designed to give more headroom to the passenger. The steep sweep overhead compartment also contributing to the cabin's more spacious, brighter and lighter appeal.

Photo from Australian Business Traveller.

Photo from Australian Business Traveller.

Photo from Australian Business Traveller. The colours changes of the LED lights inside the flight can be change by the cabin crew through the LED monitor. You will notice a different themes during boarding and meals, as well mimicking sunrise and sunset.

Photo from Australian Business Traveller. Side wall lights dimmed into a soft plum colour.
I own this photo. If you are taller than me you will feel squeeze at the knee. Fortunately I am a short and petite lady, so the legroom is just nice for me. 

Photo from Australian Business Traveller. 
USB port at every seats next to the screen for you to recharge your smartphone or tablet. Also you can use your USB memory that loaded up with musics or photos. I reckon most of the traveller far more likely to use the USB port to recharge their smart phone or tablet.

Sydney - Singapore

Picture from Flight Travels.

My plane from Sydney to Singapore is Qantas airbus A330-300s with economy seats configured in a 2-4-2 layout. If you ask me what is the best seat. My answer is I don't know. As long as I don't seat next to someone who don't stop talking, someone with a stinky feet or sitting in front of the passenger with long legs and keep on kicking your seat. If where I'm seating has no experience with passenger like that, then it is the best seat for me. Any seats will land you at the same place.

It was really busy at Sydney Airport. The flight was delayed about 40 minutes from the scheduled time without any explanation from the airlines. The passengers who has been standing for long time to wait for the gate to open were searching for a seat.

I just want to get on board and waiting for the dinner to be served. Some airlines has a really good meals. I choose steam fish for dinner and they distribute an Australian signature beef hot dog with mustard and it was good.

The down side of this plane is the toilet. It was dirty. I don't blame the airlines service but the passengers itself. I will not explain further what I saw in the toilet but I suggest Qantas Airlines to have a bigger toilet sit to cater big western ass.

I don't have much time to explore Changi Airport because the transit durations cut to one hour due to flight delay from Sydney. At T2 transit lounge there is Xperience zone where you can catch the latest sport event or let your creativity run free at the interaction e-Postcard booth.

In such a hurry I managed to snapped a few pictures from the Orchid Garden. The garden was so mesmerizing with almost 700 orchids from 30 different species of Orchids. Orchids is the national flower of Singapore.

The giant replica of Vanda Miss Joaquim orchid, Singapore national flower.

I will assure on my next journey back home to choose the longer transit durations at Singapore Changi to explore the foods and the other gardens at the airport.

Share codes with Qantas Airlines route Christchurch - Kuala Lumpur is Malaysia Airlines that flew me home to Kuala Lumpur. The plane was not I expected. It's and old plane with a dull and boring interior. I had read some review before about Malaysia Airlines route Singapore - Kuala Lumpur using their new boeing 737-800 boeing sky interior.

More than half of the passengers on board has a connecting flight from Kuala Lumpur to Mumbai. Thought I was boarding the plane to Bollywood when I saw almost everyone on board were Indian.

When I booked the ticket I have other choice of Airlines route Singapore - Kuala Lumpur which has the share codes with Qantas. I chose MAS because I am sincerely supporting MAS whenever I am afford and I want that welcome feeling when I landed to my home country with the MAS signature landing announcement "To our visitors Selamat Datang to Malaysia, and to Malaysians WELCOME HOME. Thank you for flying with Malaysia Airlines, we are looking forward to see you again". That feeling when you heard the words WELCOME HOME is so meaningful especially if you live abroad.

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